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So, /tv/, what're Benedick Cumberbundis finest and toughest...

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>tfw there will never become a live-action...

/tv/ - Television & Movie Start writing to insert the verification graphic. 4chan Move consumers could bypass this evidence. [ Find Out More ] [ Login ] Record Please browse the rules. 08/12/14 Confidential 08/14/14(Thu)12:25:23 No. 47653219 >tfw there will never become a live-action Batman: the Fearless and the Striking since the Facebook technology feel Superman should be serious and grimdark

Hey /tv/ enable me establish a video please

47653221 Hello /television/ enable me determine a film please It's occur England, and it's about this frumpy 30 something female who lives with her mom (and has a diploma in dog grooming) continues a vacation along with her sweetheart in a caravan to-go visit galleries, nevertheless they accidently kill someone.

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